Smoking Glass

Date:December 14, 2011 8:07 am

I just moved here to PDX and have explored several "smoke shops" However; none of them were an overall better experience than Smoking glass!! They have by far the most amazing glass I have seen in PDX thus far! Glass pipes that look more like something you would see above a mantel, or in an art museum (very nice!) The overall atmosphere inside the store was great, with a very friendly, welcoming energy. The prices were very reasonable and I believe everything in the store is from local artists. I will without a doubt be purchasing all of my smoking necessities from these guys and gals.. I recommend everyone looking for a new piece or just want to see some amazing art and meet some amazing people go to Smoking Glass!! 

Business Phone Number 503-236-6022
1408 SE 39th Ave Portland, OR 97214