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Outer Limits Smoke Shop

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Outer Limits Smoke Shop

We cater to the young and to the old. (you must have a valid I.D. to enter). We have multiple friendly and knowledgeable staff members willing to help you find what you are looking for. You might need a little help considering we have 47 show cases and walls packed full of merchandise! Some shops claim to be the largest smoke shop around, don’t be fooled, Outer Limits is the largest smoke shop around!

We have everything for your and vaporizing needs!
47 cases full of products!
We sell everything! From the generic inexpensive glass to the most well known names in the world! We are authorized dealers and sell full lines of the following:
Glass Brands
Hidden Glass, Vip, Illadelph, AMG, Sweet, Purp, Grid, Girly Glass, D-Fuze, HBG, MIO, HVY, MIO, HVY, Liquid Sci- Glass, Roor, Roor Tech, Zob, Sheldon Black, ADS, Pure, Reines Glass, Original JBD’s, Arts, Sour, King Volcano!!!

20 cases of hand pipes and bubblers in all price ranges! Ash Catchers, Bowls and downstems!

Electronic Cigarettes
Icig, Vapure, Imperial, Njoy, Rng!

space Case, Sharptone, Kannastor, Cosmic, American Grinder, Ryot, Tabacco shredder,

Detox Products
Vale, Mouth wash, Advanced detox solutions, Agent X Synthetic Urine, Field Kit Synthetic Urine, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, Zydot: Ultra Clean, Stat, Self test kits!

Hand, Metal and Ceramic Pipes
Metal Pipes (All Kinds)
Snap Shot, Solo pipie, The fumo pipe, Incedibowl, Raydiator, S.T.O.R.M, Volcanic stone pipes, Aqua pipes, Bullets, Spoons, Sneak-a-tokes, Incognito pipes (Cigarette, lipstick, nut and bolt, zippo lighter, car lighter, hi-liter.

Acrylic Water Pipes & Steamrollers, Gas masks,
Largest Varity of soft glass water pipes including Noble glass! (Hand Blown in Oregon)

Ceramic Hand and water Pipes

Scales: 100’s of scales for the lowest prices around!
Proscale, Jscale, Aws, My weigh, Ohavs, Tanita, Weigh max

Magic Flight, Iolite Origanal, Iolite Wispr, Vape-or -smoke, Da cube, Vapor genie, i torch, Vapir no2, Vapir one, Vapir pro (Bowls and Bubblers), Herb iron and attachments, Da buddan vape (ssv), Vapor Brothers), Hot box, Extreme q, Da vape, Natural goods, Easy vape v2, Easy vape deluxe, Vaporite, Volcano, Phantom (generic volcano), Fugi!

Hookahs in all price ranges!
Inhale, Starbuzz, Sahara smoke co., Hypnosis, Mya

Hookah Tobacco and Coals
Starbuzz, Fantasia. Hookah-Hookah, Fuzion, Tabacco (shisha),
Coals, Three kings, Starbuzz, Kwikstart, Golden Charcoal, Mazaya

Wooden Hand Pipes in all price ranges including the shot gun pipe! Dogouts (wooden and acrylic)

Books and Magazines
Growers Handbooks, Hydroponics Handbooks, Marijuana Cookbooks, Indoor and Outdoor cultivation books, Canniblile. Authors including Ed Rosenthal, Jorge Cervantes, S.T. Oner, Jason King.
High Times, Skunk, Weed World, Treating Yourself

Pipe Cleaning Products
420 cleaner, Dr Greens flash, Orange chronic, Purple power, Grunge off, Agent orange, Pipe cleaners, Brushes.

420 Jars, canna fresh, pure, A.D.S., Liquid science, Tight pac, Stash Cans (soda cans, beer cans, cd’s, bolt safe, food products, cleaning products.

Other Items
Full selection of papers, tobacco and wraps, roll your own tobacco pouches, rolling machines, cigarellos, Swishers, White Owl, Optimo, Pollen boxes, Incense, Posters, Pipe cases/Pouches, Butane, torch igniters, zippos, n20 (nitrous), hemp wick, and much much more!!!!!!

Outer Limits Smoke Shop is a Smoke Shop in Oceanside, CA that has been doing business since 1997, specializing as a Smoke Shop, Cigarettes, Top Quality Water Pipes, Hookah Supplies , Vaporizers, Electronic Cigarettes , Drug Test Detox Kits, Scales, Hookah Tobacco Blubbers, and Largest Smoke Shop. 

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Outer Limits Smoke Shop, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Business Phone Number 7604397668
Address 2027 South Coast Hwy Ocean Side CA 92054

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