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NW Remedy LLC

Our compounding pharmacy utilizes specialized technique, equipment and expertise to customize remedies for the individual for a myriad of disease states. We advocate blending the best of Eastern and Western medicine & nutrition to PREVENT disease and deficiencies, while also being uniquely qualified to formulate treatments for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. From the common cold to cancer, we are your go-to when you need a creative, innovative, “outside the box” solution!

We even treat head-lice naturally, on-site. We’ve had a 100% success rate for over a year now. This is a natural, guaranteed fix for those pesky pests that are now resistant to both over-the-counter and prescription treatments. Please visit www.ecolicer.com to find out how we can make this major headache go away—the first time!

We have also invested in partnerships that will impact our community directly, as well as programs that will bear fruit in areas where research and training is lacking and underfunded. One such program, which we became a sponsor of in 2014, is the Naturopathic Education & Research Consortium (NERC), whose purpose is to advance the field of naturopathic medicine through the funding of residency programs in various medical specialties.

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Country United States of America
State/Province Oregon
distance: 7,755 Miles
Address 16475-16491 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Oak Grove, OR 97267, USA

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