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Mamaflyz Inc., is a lawful Collective of qualified medical patients associating to cultivate and access cannabis within a closed-loop, members-only, and democratically-run Collective, pursuant to Health & Safety Code Sectios 1132.  & 11362.7, the Attorey General Guilelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grownfor Medical Use, and the California Corporation Code Sections______, et seq.  this medical cannabis is soley cultivated by and for members of the Collective and diverion to non-members is strictly disallowed.  Each member’s finacial conribtion is limited to a proportionate reimbursement tof actual costs and expenses necessary to the functioning of the Collective

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GD Star Rating
Business E-Mail Address [email protected]
Business Phone Number 707-690-0071
Facebook Page URL Visit Link Here
Leafly Page URL Visit Link Here
Business Website Visit Link Here
Country United States of America
distance: 7,956 Miles
Address Eureka, CA 95501, USA

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